February 14

My Loving Mom

She’s not just my mom she’s my hero, the person who has  got me through life’s tough times.Here’s some more about my mom.

She worries a lot about us.Sometimes she dosen’t sleep,because she worries about our day tomorrow.We tell her to take a break but she never does.She just keeps thinking about what she is doing for us.She never leaves our side even if i go some where like a trip she voleenters to go.In other words,she is always there for me.

She is always helping my family with our problems.When i tell her there is a problem,she stops what she is doing and helps.She helps with school projects,she also does school fundraisers with us.Most important,she never chose not to help us when we needed it.

She is always encouraging like when i have problems with friendship she gives me examples of how she went through the same thing.

I don’t know what i would do without her.I know if she ever goes to a better place she will be looking over me.

Its obvious my mom is my hero and a angel to my life.Who’s your hero?